Heidelberg Irish Set Dancing – 2023 Back Again: 23. Weekend in Schriesheim

Irish Set Dance fans can look forward to the new edition of the event near Heidelberg in late summer! Early registration and hotel booking is recommended.


23rd Irish Set Dancing Weekend in Heidelberg/Schriesheim
Sept 29 – Oct 1, 2023

»Dear Set Dancers,

After a 3-year break due to Corona, we can finally celebrate our annual Set Dance Weekend again this year at Hotel Scheid in Schriesheim.

The hotel is situated in a valley at the edge of the “Odenwald” (a large area of forest), about 10 km north of Heidelberg. Most of the participants stay overnight at the hotel, so the dancers will be together round the clock 😊.«

Live impressions from 2019 in Facebook

Screenshot: Video Karl Erbach | click to view

»This year with:

  • 4 Ceilis by 2 IrishBands
    • The Abbey Ceili Band“
    • „Swallow‘s Tail Trio“
  • 1 Workshop with Mairéad Casey

For more information and flyer see here, for registration & accommodation use  this form.

See you in Schriesheim!

The Heidelberg Irish Set Dancers
contact: karl@setdancing.de«